Monday, 16 May 2011

greatest moment in my life

   On the first week of May that I was studying in standard school. In this week, my school was organizing English Week. Many competitions was created by Toh Tandewa Sakti Primary school English teacher to all student.For example, public speaking,twister tongue,singing and many more. My English teacher who name Madam Azizah Adam wants some of her student to take part in `spelling B’. So, she did some selection among the student in every class that she taught. In this day, I didn’t know why I so excited to enjoy this selection.
                   I did my best in this selection. Finally, I got the chance to play in final which must fight with all class in standard five that was Agama Khas, Harmoni, Aktif , Mahir because I was win over all my classmate which standard five Delima. .I was very delightful because of this selection. I didn’t thought that I will win in this selection. This competition was giving me many opportunities. For example, it made me to adding some new friends. Then, it also gave me to strength more believe for myself ability while I was entering this tournament. 
                  In evening same day, I did more preparation with look over the dictionary to find the word with end of consonant `y’ because it’s hard for student to find the word which start with consonant `y’. All students have desired to win when join this tournament. I’m also like that. My aim was to defeat the Chinese student who name Ng Pao Yei the smartest student in standard five and his classmate .My class only sent for four players.
                   In the competition day, I tried to find way to stand far from Ng Pao Yei because he was the hard student to defeat.This some of strategies. I feel too nervous when I step into the tournament place. I tried to overcome myself. I give more concentration in this competition. I believe that I have powerful ability to win this competition. I against all player with more calm and alert. One by one player had eliminate .Suddenly, I standing beside Ng Pao Yei . I tried to face him with more calm. Finally, Ng Pao Yei had eliminate before me. I get the third place.
                   Although, I get the third place; but, I’m still happy because my aim was achieve. It makes me laugh when I remember this moment. I didn’t think that I can defeat that boy. For me this the best moment that the most unforgettable in my life.