Tuesday, 7 June 2011

how can you make yourself feel better when using English?

I'm feel better when using this language if i'm speaking with tourist from other country which they are really expert in this language.

describe how do you feel when you're using English

I'm totally proud of myself because I can speak very well in English and all people who are master in this language totally cannot fooling me.

describe how you feel during the interview.

OMG!! talking about interview... when we're sitting on the prestige chair the for the 1st time,ohh only God knows,totally nervous to face off an interviewer but we must be confident with ourself. plus, while waiting an interviewer to asking a lots of question.anything keeps approaching our mind such as we're can answering that question or not..

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Ways that are suitable for you to learn/improve English

  1. try to speak in english oftenly.
  2. surfing internet.
  3. attend english classes.
  4. tnteract with people that can speak english.
  5. travel to west country.
  6. join english club.
  7. punish friends who do not speak english(in group)
  8. play games such as "scabbles."
  9. take part in public speaking competition.
  10. never miss english classes or tuition.
  11. practise writing in english.

Why do You Think do You Need English

  1. english is a universal language.
  2. it is easier to communicate with other racers.
  3. easy to get job.
  4. easy to study.
  5. won't get lost when visited other countries.
  6. make us feel more confiden.
  7. easy to bargain.
  8. easy to shopping.
  9. won't get fooled by tourist.
  10. easy to get a lot of information from other country.
  11. people will look upon me.